Drive Feedback

By providing the driver updated information relating to their driving habits and using color based feedback, the driver can easily keep an eye on all of his statistics, alerts, and updated milestones while keeping his eyes on the road.

System Check

When the vehicle is turned on the driver is able to view his gas mileage, fuel range, and multiple vehicle alerts ranging from a door that may be ajar to low tire pressure.

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Real Time Feedback

By using simple interactions to cycle through different content, the driver is able to easily switch between the vehicle's Eco Tracker and G Force meter.


Allowing the driver to see how enviromentally friendly (or un-friendly) they're driving with color coded feedback is a playful and easy way to grab the drivers attention without keeping them from looking at the road for too long.


For those drivers who have gasoline racing through their veins and like to beat their lap time when they pick up the kids from school, the accelerometer measures the force of gravity exerted on the driver.

Music & Media

A large music interface with the same gestures allows the driver to pause, play, and advance the current song as well as search for another song, track, or playlist so the driver can keep their eyes on the road as much as possible.

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Project Time

8 Weeks

12 All nighters

2 Design Itterations

Drinks Consumed

3 MiO Energy

17 Energy Drinks

27 Gallons of Gasoline Burned

Tools used

Photoshop CS6

Illustrator CS6

After Effects CS6